Baking silicone pad how to correctly use

by:Keyuan     2020-09-08
Silicone pad can be used as cookies, pizza, bread, etc. The work station of the dough. Traditional wooden board is easy to breed bacteria, and silica gel pad is not only good for cleaning, and anti-sticking effect is very good, surrounded by a calibration scale, the size of the central is a pizza pie, as the operation of the baking board, is tailored, it is worth mentioning is the standard silicone pad also can bear the high temperature of 220 ℃. ( But generally don't recommend to use such products, baking, thick paper or cloth are available alternative. Because do eat into his mouth his stomach, so bake with silica gel pad is the most basic requirement is to use the food grade silicon, in addition to the pure mat, some will also have a variety of color and shape, pattern. In order to improve the practicability and functional diversity, some of the silicone pad and the scale and size, used to aid in the roasting process may encounter. Baking silicone pad generally has small volume, light weight, high temperature resistant, non-slip performance is good, clean and convenient features. When baked is very convenient and practical tool. Baking silicone pad exactly have what use, how to correctly use? 1, prevent slippery prevent sticking. When rolling or knead the dough to use silica gel pad can do physical good prevent slippery and anti-sticking, use less as far as possible dry powder, can keep the dough more moisture. 2, used as calibration gauge. A lot of baking silicone pad have scale and size, can be operated in the silica gel mat, convenient to roll out as much as possible you need the size and size of the face, especially the pizza. Using size circle to help plastic has very good effect. 3, can enter the oven to bake, physical non-stick, easy demoulding. When making marca dragon, dedicated marca silicone pad can dry marca dragons, and together into the oven high temperature baking, not only convenient, also can use repeatedly, save resources. Above all, for the silicone mat is very practical and durable in the baking tools. PS: silicone baking mold used for the first time need to add a few neutral detergent to clean with warm water, and then into the baking oven empty, empty baked for the first time there will be a small amount of smoke and odor, empty bake again after cooling cleaning before use.
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