Bad appearance, where is the problem of surface of silica gel products

by:Keyuan     2020-09-25
All kinds of products have different material problem, a lot of friends know, silica gel products widely used in the life, sometimes just buy the product for a long time lead to the phenomenon of surface is not smooth, especially our kitchen utensils or silicone mobile phone sets, but also can appear the sticky feeling, resulting in a decline in use period, and some of the reasons for the silicone products surface is not smooth, it is possible that maintain undeserved cause, is likely to be raw material problem, and not enough on the surface of the silica gel products manufacturers in smooth and what are the reasons? Everyone knows silicone products manufacturer in the process of making not only simply mixing, molding, quality inspection several working procedure, to the requirement of surface smoothness is also very important, for breaking up feeling oil process is also very important part of the high to the requirement of environment, cannot appear besmirch, and besides the problem of production process, the silica gel products factory are mainly cause product surface is not smooth, the development of mold, mold mold core is not smooth in products have bump phenomenon, raw materials mixing vulcanizing agent control and use, lead to after vulcanization molding products are soft and different deformation are obtained. Is production equipment cleaning and die of scrap, leading to product material, appear to be two different facial phenomenon and so on reasons. General product will be the fuel injection process, general products use sticky phenomenon will not appear after injection, sticky in domestic at present there are two kinds of common fuel injection process, the surface of the fuel injection and laser and injection. Surface oil is in the product surface coating a layer of hot oil, make the product surface to smooth, feel is feels more comfortable, this is a simple injection process, laser plus injection is silicone products in good condition after injection first LOGO was produced in laser, pattern and so on, now in the process of is also one of the very common phenomenon, and there are many kinds of surface treatment technology such as glue, color printing, pad printing, and so on are injection in the treatment of first! Website: https://dbsilicone. 1688. Com/silicone products manufacturer in xiamen - Silica gel products co. , LTD. ( )
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