Baby silicone spoon how to choose

by:Keyuan     2020-09-09
Baby eat side dish for the first time, for the first time with a spoon, family is always full of expectation, need appropriate cutlery to assist! A large part of the baby because contact the tableware of hard hard and produce aversion to them, affect the baby to have a meal, even a little spoon will hurt the baby health! So we should choose good dishes for the baby to help the baby healthy growth. For baby to choose a good baby silicone spoon is more exquisite. What is suitable for different age paragraph the baby styles, including its functional requirement is different also, this is all need to be consider parents concern! So, how to help the baby to choose the appropriate infant silicone spoon? How to let the baby to accept baby silicone spoon and fall in love with the silicone spoon? Next you BaBa hemp will study hard to master the content of the each phase after ather ~ baby demand for baby silicone spoon. For within three months of the baby, baby silicone spoon is used to feed water, the main function of medicines, due to the grasping ability is limited, don't count on the baby for him to take, small, won't hurt the baby's little mouth is good; So baby silicone spoon is the most suitable for baby to use within 3 months. All know 4 - 6 months baby gradually began to add side dish, then the baby is the role of the silicone spoon feed rice noodles, rice paste, puree, puree, etc. Suggest choosing texture is soft, so can be high temperature disinfection, the spoon edge burr is not sharp baby smooth silicone spoon. All know that the silicone material is soft and strong sex is avirulent environmental protection material, its resistance to temperature can be in - Between 40 ℃ ~ 250 ℃, can fully meet our requirement for baby silicone spoon with a baby.
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