Automotive rubber parts demand and opportunities

by:Keyuan     2020-12-03
Automotive rubber parts demand and opportunity with the development of the technology of silicone rubber, as well as the people environmental protection consciousness enhancement, now increasing need of automotive rubber parts, opportunity comes. Automotive rubber parts demand since 2002, the major parts of China auto industry gradually rise, the number of vehicles is increasing this also means that the various parts of the auto industry, maintenance, maintain proper further advantage, in the application of silicone rubber products auto application of silicone rubber products soared, compared with the plastic and rubber material and its application have both compared to a certain extent, as the deterioration of environment, rubber and plastic pollution more firms choose to take the place of natural and synthetic rubber, such as car parts, pipe, etc. , so in the coming decades synthetic rubber will occupy the situation will be worthy of our attention in the field of auto parts. From 2005 to 2015 of China's automobile industry statistics, an average of a car natural rubber demand for 110 kg/m, this is only in view of the silicone rubber products, polyurethane glue on vehicle paste adhesive, acrylate, anaerobic adhesive, etc. The average consumption of 280 g, speaking of auto parts why many products synthetic rubber production! It is also because of silicone rubber products have unique properties and advantages to replace other products! Facing a huge demand for automobile industry nowadays, silicone rubber products manufacturer for car seal products, damping products, and so on has the exquisite production craft and technology, now first automobile rubber parts for performance and appearance of the product each enterprise has a higher request, so now the factory when production will deliberately to make material of the products have corresponding requirements, such as hardness and elasticity of the above requirements are relatively high, so choose material will look for the reasonable and vulcanizing agent of raw materials, production process of the development of mould clamping line adjustment and so on will do customer need standards. The opportunity of automotive rubber parts with ever increasing performance requirements of the car, car accessories retrofit generation is becoming more and more frequent and a lot of rubber and silicone products of auto parts material requirement also needs to be promoted, so many in the industry talk about whether to adopt high performance silicone material to replace? To meet the requirements of auto parts now, and boost car performance. Root in the case of synthetic rubber has a large surplus of production capacity, improve the quality of the vehicle synthetic rubber, will be a breakthrough in the development of domestic synthetic rubber industry transformation. The synthetic rubber industry of silicone rubber products factory mainly for the green environmental protection, chemical resistance of silicone rubber products, ozone proof, heat resistant to cold, etc. Put forward higher request, so for some special rubber hardness, environmental protection, longevity and so on has the strict examination, to the auto industry in our country make more environmental protection, more prominent. Welcome custom automotive rubber parts, we have been sticking to, do the best products, let customers at ease.
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