Attention to buy silicone pacifiers

by:Keyuan     2020-09-11
Baby pacifier is close companion, and every day the baby close contact, the nipple is too important for the baby. So the young parents, when choosing to pay attention to material quality, the service life of hole size, and nipples, and so on. Note 1, simple sense to buy silicone nipple enough soft baby gums are weak, the stand or fall of material quality directly affect the baby sucking and feeding full hungry, such minimum damage for baby teeth. 2, milk, hole size, hole isn't big enough, sucking is obstructed. To choose and buy when may I look at the size of holes, went back to try smoking is energy. 3, see a brand reputation generally choose the pacifier with good reputation is guaranteed, do not choose yellow or other color products, usually the silicone ivory, colorless, tasteless substance. 4, pacifiers and butterfly wing sticking the soundness of the pacifier and butterfly wing sticking whether firm, whether the nipple is greater than the baby's mouth, lest they are sucked into the pump, the pacifier produce risk. 5, the pacifier bridge wing radian pacifier butterfly wing better have radian, and vent, make the air circulation, the saliva flow, not hair cow deficiency or eczema. 6 the life of the silica gel, silicone nipple pacifier situations, such as variant, broken, you need to change new, in general, the pacifier only about three months of life. Pacifier choice is important, but in use process must also note disinfection, cleaning work, so as to avoid the illness.
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