Attention! ! Silicone rubber raw material gas phase silica market near sham!

by:Keyuan     2020-09-28
In recent years, with the development of the domestic silicone rubber and silicone rubber products market expansion, the gas phase glue on the rising also resulted in the downstream market shortages have enterprise single compact, downstream silicone products manufacturer has a price is not available, the rise in raw material prices are also far continuously, as in the past two years, meteorological silica market so far has nearly doubled, from the original 18000 yuan to 33000 yuan/ton is the degree of price rise in recent years, and it is also the demand increase in recent years also take this opportunity to appear under the tense market of the counterfeit of anti-counterfeiting goods! According to the national association of organic silicon joint enterprises received a product called the side effects of gas phase silica ( Physical precipitated silica) With woven bag packaging, and the precipitation of silica nanometer gas phase silica counterfeit products, such as for the price of white carbon black is sales and marketing, actually this is a kind of to the chemical and physical blending with similar function and quality of white carbon black, there are a lot of companies suspected of white carbon black addition quality degree is low! In addition also learned that the current sales to the downstream silica gel products manufacturers products in the market and product quality problems, can not meet the standard of quality, product testing testing not up to standard, the production quality is not stable, and so on! So far, the downstream silicone product technical problems still need to find a lot of raw materials for the quality of counterfeit, so need to see the product packaging pictures before purchasing and processing factory on the packaging process and model, general won't appear normal manufacturer, with large and small process manufacturers raw materials boxes for packaging, so depends on the detail of the product quality problem! On the other hand is the inspection report, chemical products tend to have a complete detection capacitance parameter! You also need to master certain quality identification techniques, such as the quality of the product and process before and after the reaction is in accordance with the normal phenomenon, etc. , and some of the emergence of silicone downstream processing manufacturers, is the Ming know the raw material have difference but still insist to use, anyway it is good to use effect can be achieved, so small make up remind you do not covet nickname little light must go normal channels or lose more!
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