At the end of the latest quotation, silicone, silicone oil, DMC prices, the downstream silicone manufacturers

by:Keyuan     2020-09-30
The market rebound, the organic silicone product the latest quotation on May 27, all kinds of silicone products prices continue to fall just need to weak weak trend, organic silicon downstream manufacturers mood is heavier, silicone products manufacturer is expected to be eased, organic silicone products prices random strain, 2019 market reshuffle positioning, price twist corresponding larger trend, specific can refer to the following document: 'the national regulation drawn out the sword, and after the pattern of the chemical industry - organic silicone industry will face a new shuffle! ', 'the first round of the environmental supervision' look back 'over, across the country shall be ordered to make correction more than 43000 enterprises, product details DMC: DMC offer continued decline, enterprise the early stage of the delivery order is given priority to, the new single reduced the volume of orders. 107 glue, 107 glue price continue to cut, DMC raw materials prices, the cost of support. Raw rubber, raw rubber prices fell, the downstream opposite glue with the strength of a cooling. Mixing rubber mixing rubber: weakening operation, a firm offer to clinch a deal have down trend, conventional mixing rubber hardness the market price is in 19500 - 20000 yuan/ton. Cut, silicone oil, silicone oil price stability in the domestic dimethyl silicone oil in the 23000 - quotation 26000 yuan/ton. Silicon metal, silicon metal prices stabilized. # huangpu quotation in 12500-421 12600 yuan/ton. Methanol, methanol tight range in price stability, market transaction smoothly. Device is in shandong district: shandong dongyue normal operation; Jin Ling device maintenance. Jiangsu and zhejiang area: zhejiang zhongtian device maintenance; Xinan normal construction. Other areas: hubei xingfa normal operation; Tangshan poetic works. Market forecast recent silicone market overall demand turn pale, monomer enterprises operating at higher still. Is expected in the short term price or continue down. END data source: national alliance for a green development strategy (silicon industry 执行咨询组) Note: the above prices are for reference only, do not make transaction basis, specific business firm quotation shall prevail.
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