Alternative silica gel, following from reality sense skin gloves do you dare to use it!

by:Keyuan     2020-09-19
We all know that mobile phone protection shell is currently we indispensable kind of electronic protective products, with the progress of science and technology have a lot of people will play thoroughly, electronic technology and now the countless phone cases, from the material to the texture of all kinds, and now someone has connected the silica gel following to human skin, mobile phone shell made of silicone material similar skin effect, the estimated return true have never seen you! Has always been the skin is the most important part of the surface of many, it not only can let us have a good perception judgment ability, also let us have a good effect in appearance, which made of silicone material following from almost completely the same as the human body skin, have the same perception and interaction effect, use effect is realistic, it is by the French national institute for the telecom Paris a r&d team have developed a very realistic 'silica gel protective sleeve' also known as following from skin! The skin following main material or use soft silicone material is given priority to, internal electrode chip, so it can be like a touch screen to identify different gestures, such as slide, tap or stretching, even can distinguish between the outside world imposed on the surface of pressure, and cook as the rotation of the rocker arm gestures, combined with liquid silicone with human skin met basically met with human skin completely, and silica gel products mainly for environmental protection material, it as a surface layer will certainly make sense better appearance more secure. The 'skin' of the following according to the person's touch, such as touch wriggle, rotation, and tickle action, in the mobile phone can make relatively positive reflection, to connect the computer equipment at the same time, can also be through direct interaction with the following expression change! But on the appearance design, this simulation 'skin' of the following, but are not very good, positive work is coarser, edge processing is not very neat. But the team is also prepared two design, is a relatively smooth surface, is more akin to human skin texture, do not know whether you accept? During the process of using you hold this silicone case like this one you touch the skin, it back to think and your mood is boring or operation, but when you beat it forcefully, since it will think you are angry, when you touch it gently, it will automatically think that you are happy state, this design make the phone more intelligent, also is one of the new progress of electronic products. Many netizens, however, don't like such a following, said even if buy a silica gel following from other than this creepy things good, some people think that this 'artificial skin following from' too scary, and it looks like can make a person feel the creeps, and even some claimed that, it may be specifically to give up research and development of mobile phone, because got such a following, even did not have the desire to play mobile phone. What do you think this kind of 'simulation skin following'?
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