Also is the organic silicone product, pressure sensitive adhesive why so good?

by:Keyuan     2020-09-30
The advantage and character of silicone pressure sensitive adhesive have? Relatively fast in recent years, the development of China's chemical industry, organic silicon pressure sensitive adhesive is a kind of commonly used to chemical raw materials, by a machine silicon polymer as the main body of the pressure sensitive adhesive. And conventional acrylic pressure sensitive adhesive, rubber pressure-sensitive adhesive, silicone pressure sensitive adhesive has the advantages of or a lot. Let's together to learn more about the silicone pressure sensitive adhesive application advantages. Silicone pressure sensitive adhesive tape in general organic silicon pressure sensitive adhesive subject from liquid silicone rubber products and MQ silicone resin according to certain proportion. Silicone rubber can increase the liquidity of pressure sensitive adhesive, so as to increase the interface bonding strength, initial adhesion is strong. And MQ silicone resin for pressure sensitive adhesive performance has a great influence, make because of MQ silicone resin molecular weight change pressure sensitive adhesive viscosity and cohesive strength of ontology change. When the molecular weight of MQ silicone resin at around 3000, the highest pressure sensitive adhesive cohesion strength, hold high adhesion, high peel strength, good thixotropy. Such as letter more silicone pressure sensitive adhesive is divided into peroxide sclerosis type, additional reaction sclerosis type: silicone pressure sensitive adhesive compared with the traditional pressure sensitive adhesive pressure sensitive adhesive compared with the traditional domestic pressure sensitive adhesive, its superior performance profoundly manifested on the performance of chemical resistance, extreme temperature stability and dielectric properties. Of all the pressure sensitive adhesive, silicone pressure sensitive adhesive play to the performance of the critical temperature makes it almost any environment on earth can be perfect to use ( The critical value of high temperature and the critical value: 300 ℃, low temperature: - 75℃) And, in some requirements to the environment index is higher, almost no pressure silicone pressure sensitive adhesive. In addition it can glue a variety of difficult sticky materials, such as without the surface treatment of polyolefin, fluorine plastic, polyimide and polycarbonate such ordinary pressure sensitive adhesive cannot attach base level, the experimental results of pressure sensitive adhesive is let a person feel satisfied. The pressure sensitive adhesive cutting into 1 inch strips, joint on the standard steel plate, under the condition of 120 ℃ for 48 h, organic silicon pressure sensitive adhesive transfer significantly fewer in steel plate. Silicone pressure sensitive adhesive application domain 01 organic silicon pressure sensitive adhesive for industrial application has good high and low temperature resistance, chemical resistance and low dielectric properties, the bonding surface of low surface energy. Making silicone pressure sensitive adhesive tape splicing tape, electrical tape, plasma spraying, mechanical processing, such as the form is widely used in industrial production. Used for teflon surface adhesive tape 02 electrical applications of silicone pressure sensitive adhesive and its adhesive tape commonly used in printed circuit board ( PCB) In the process of production and assembly. This requires not only to withstand high temperatures (pressure sensitive adhesive A short period of time 270 ℃) And low surface energy of the interface bonding moisture, also has lower dielectric properties. Silicone pressure sensitive adhesive is also a large number of protective coating applied to electronic components, the protective coating is composed of multilayer structure, each layer and respectively gives the performance of the protective coating is unique. PCB with organic silicon pressure sensitive tape 03 intelligent device applications due to the many smartphones is expensive, protect its high-quality screen from scratches and knock in the use of becomes increasingly important. Mobile phone factory, manufacturers will generally prevent the mobile phone in the screen surface paste a layer of film may be produced in the process of transportation or sale of scraping knock against damage to the screen. But most of the consumers to after the new phone will tear this simple layer of protective film to paste by a layer of self-adhesive protective film ( e. g。 Toughened film) To prevent mobile phone accidentally fell when the huge impact, or hot cigarette butts in the accidental touch on the screen when the fatal injury. And silicone pressure sensitive adhesive in the strength of the thin layer protective film is widely used. Smartphones toughened protection film protective film is usually a multilayer structure 'sandwich' structure, the specific characteristics of each layer of adhesive depends on its structure and chemical composition. Among them, the pressure sensitive rubber has played a key role. 4 other application medical silicone pressure sensitive adhesive has been developing rapidly in recent years, because of its non-toxic, no stimulation, physiological inertia, using temperature range is wide, suitable bonding strength and the characteristics of drug release permeability, on health care and percutaneous preparation treatment system is widely used. Silicone pressure sensitive adhesive can be used as such as automobiles, aircraft, machinery parts, construction reinforced plate, household electrical appliances, wood products, glass products, plastic products, such as the surface of the protective tape. Can also be used for transformer coil, electrical equipment, wiring, etc.
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