All kinds of high conductive shielding silicone rubber ( More than 120 db) The performance of the industry application

by:Keyuan     2020-12-04
Now conductive shielding silicone rubber products in the electronic, automotive, military industry and other industries has been widely applied, the foshan conductive rubber products manufacturers to introduce all kinds of high conductive shielding silicone rubber ( More than 120 db) Performance in the application of various industries. The first category, shielding performance and conductive performance is best, excellent mechanical properties in the house, good processability, oil resistant, bad environmental applicability. Applied to the highest requirements of electromagnetic compatibility design, suitable for durable use of conductive shielding rubber oil environment. The second type, this kind of conductive rubber products for mobile terminal equipment, handheld devices, video cameras, digital cameras and other digital photos into equipment imaging module specially designed products. Through this kind of material production, can achieve electromagnetic shielding, environmental sealing, ESD function integration, effectively reduce the complexity of structure and overall manufacturing costs, this kind of material has good toughness, good processing performance. Used in high temperature environment without separation, parts not reflective characteristics of small molecules. At all from the mechanism to solve the general high conductive rubber toughness is poor, not suitable for precision parts processing and equipment; From a large number of conductive filler in stamping process damaged surface may produce off powder, lead to the lens group or CCD module with dust; Environmental temperature lead to material or equipment itself within small molecule exhalation, lens issues such as pollution. This product the best application of frequency is zero. 5 ghz - 5. 4 ghzd。 Third class: this is a kind of design of materials for automobile industry. With oil resistance at high temperature, good performance, airtight, watertight and in - 40 ℃ to 120 ℃ temperature range of the stability of performance. Mainly used in automobile gearbox, water pump, electric car motor box and other key parts of the EMC/EMI application. The best application frequency of 500 KHZ - 1GHz。 Comprehensive the above three kinds of conductive shielding rubber can be seen that these products are: glass conductive rubber, aluminum silver plated silver conductive rubber, copper conductive rubber, graphite, silver plated nickel conductive rubber, silver conductive rubber, carbon black conductive rubber, etc. , according to the shape can be made according to the craft: article solid conductive rubber, conductive shielding rubber ring, conductive rubber sheet, conductive silicone gaskets, etc. ; There are some complicated multicolor conductive products such as: composite conductive rubber products and so on. The conductive rubber products can satisfy various requirements, custom-made telephone orders: contact person: Mr Dragon mobile: 13392830612 Q Q: 3264780970 tel: fax: email: finally recommended reading: conductive silicone products in the electronics industry USES medical conductive rubber should be in the health care industry
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