After silicone doll how clean, inflatable dolls with how to cleaning

by:Keyuan     2020-12-04
How many people don't know the silicone doll cleaning, inflatable dolls how should be used after cleaning, is the right, have a lot of confusion. To do a good job of maintenance silicone doll, really is not just a simple process, a lot of people out and put on one side, continue to use the next time. Even some people never do silicone doll's health. The first step. We scrub silicone doll's body with warm water, then use dry towel blot excess water, then use our distribution talcum powder, covered with the body to ensure the lubrication of the body. Manufacturers distribution of cleaner is used for cleaning nakedness, warm water injection in one place, best advice when cleaning nakedness or of midpoint in warm water into a small amount of detergent, so that we can have antiseptic effect, make sure that you use more safety and health. The other some special silicone doll, when cleaning should pay more attention to, first, let's head to avoid water. In order to avoid water from seeping through the neck cause qi gong safety procedures. Second, silicone doll face cleansing, facial cleaning process, the most important thing is to avoid the eyelashes. In order to avoid eyelash was pulling off. Third, silicone doll hand washing, try not to drive nails, so as not to fall off. If you have any questions feel free to consult silicone rubber products manufacturers, custom-made solid silica gel doll manufacturers, to provide you with the silicone doll price and size parameters. Worry about not having the desired effect, spend tens of thousands of pieces of that first experience 2109 new entity silica gel doll, consulting entity silica gel doll experience pavilion: 13509802066 ( WeChat with Numbers) , near ZhangGe address in foshan, the first real silicone doll experience pavilion. Relevant article recommended: how much silicone dolls | domestic entity silica gel doll factory price
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