Advantages and application characteristics of silicone rubber flame retardant glue!

by:Keyuan     2020-09-30
Silicone rubber and the conductor is a pair of intimate partner worked, as the eldest brother of silicone rubber products, with its voltage, resistance against wear, anti-aging power, to the younger brother - — In copper, aluminum conductor meticulous all-round protection for material. Partnership between mutual support, solidarity, to confront all kinds of extreme conditions. Conductor caught fire, danger! Flame retardant level where V0 of silicone rubber tube can be rest assured, I can let the fire quickly extinguished. And there are S skill 'ceramic' can quickly form the ceramic membrane barrier, protect us. When building a fire, in order to reduce personnel casualties, we need to keep building within a certain time of the electrical facilities in the fire is still able to run. ( In case a fire occurs in a friendship remind: please go safe passage, don't use the elevator. ) Fire within the building may have more than 1000 degrees, the temperature of the silicone rubber cable is how to fire? A: high flame retardant grade ordinary silicon rubber flame retardant grade is UL94 - Level of HB level, special formula can do where V0, as a special formula can make fire quickly extinguished. Skills 2: ceramics, ceramic silicone rubber is a special kind of product, and when the environment temperature of 950 degrees or more, organic silicon polymer has the degradation, but this does not mean that the cable insulation layer disappears, ceramic silicone rubber can be quickly crust under this temperature, and form a layer of ceramic film, still protect the conductor transmission operation. Extreme weather sharing weal and woe of the conductor followed the train out of the field for a long time, ultraviolet light is too strong, also good have you help! Silicone rubber that's not, my weather but the industry. Conductor if the car caught fire at this time, you can not hold pressure? Silicone rubber must be! Even if I meet the fire, when the combustion will produce more oxygen than other products, but less release of smoke. For passengers to create more than a chance to escape! High speed on a speeding train also has the footprint of the silicone rubber cable, in particular the car outside ( Such as between carriages) 。 Because organic silicon material excellent weatherability, its long-term exposure to uv or inclement weather, there will be no large attenuation performance. Skills 2: high oxygen index + products low smoke density some car interior also can use the silicone material, high oxygen index and products because of its special product performance, low smoke density (in case of an emergency Such as fire) Release the gas, can help the passenger to a greater chance of escape. Support each other in narrow space conductor such a narrow space, also good I can bend. Silicone rubber, my flexibility is not worse than you, tear strength can reach more than 40 n/mm! A: insulation in the car space is relatively narrow, need cable bend as much as possible to complete the wire arrangement. Organic silicone rubber with good insulating properties. The breakdown voltage in more than 20 kv/mm. Skills 2: easy to bend + high tear at the same time also has the characteristics of high and low temperature resistance, soft and easy to bend, can provide new energy automobile cables with stable output current. High resistance to tear of organic silicon rubber tearing strength can reach more than 40 n/mm, elongation at break can reach more than 500%. Such materials can provide cable good bending and steering ability, help cables in the narrow space compact configuration. Silicone rubber is not limited to use in the above cables and electrical insulation, industrial cables, mining cables, etc. The article is from the network. 。 。 。 。 。 。
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