Acrylate adhesive - The difference between acrylic acid and acrylic ester

by:Keyuan     2020-12-05
Acrylate adhesive is what, the difference between acrylic acid and acrylate, a lot of people who is not in this industry is really dare not easily distinguish these, rubber products factory take you understand acrylate adhesive. Generally speaking, most of the acrylic is refers to the acrylic ester compounds. This is all of us don't professional performance. It is the most appropriate acrylic, acrylic ester structure is the most appropriate. Acrylic acid is the most basic chemical raw materials, generally cannot be used for finished products, fine chemicals, has strong acidity, corrosive hydrochloric acid, commonly used in synthesis of acrylic ester compounds. Get acrylate acrylic acid reaction with ethanol, CH_2 = CH - Coor( R is alkyl) 。 Both different, many oligomer and acrylic ester can be synthesized copolymer, the oligomer or copolymer is called resin, can be used for paint, ink, adhesives, etc. So you could say that acrylic adhesive, or acrylic adhesive. Note: acrylic, instead of acrylic. Above is about acrylate rubber products factory provides the difference between rubber and acrylic acid and acrylate, hope to help everyone. Recommend related news nitrile rubber silicone rubber epdm gaskets silicone seal fluorine rubber gaskets
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