A: what are the silicone bracelet custom production processes

by:Keyuan     2020-09-18
Silicone bracelet custom production technology mainly include: 1, sculpture, silica gel hand ring in good inscription on the mould forming directly, this bracelet need to open mold. Is what people often say that the lettering bracelet, its kinds roughly divided into two kinds of silica gel hand ring 'concave' with 'braille silica gel hand ring'. 2, printing silicone bracelet is free open mold fee of silica gel hand ring, such as special size to open mold, printing bracelet is divided into multi-color printing, monochrome screen printing, multi-color overprint, is a kind of do the silicon bracelet goods more quickly. 3, colouring silicone bracelet colouring silicone bracelet is added on the basis of the first paragraph again into the process of color bracelets, such as a LOGO is more noticeable effect, more propaganda consciousness of the LOGO. 4, silica gel hand ring silica gel hand ring every block is the rubber together and forming of different colors, each color segment between forming a segmented hand ring, let itself bracelet more eye-catching. 5, camouflage silicone bracelet camouflage silicone bracelet is to use a lot of color glue at the time of mixing together, then add mold vulcanization processing, silicone bracelet colourful after forming. 6, luminous silicone bracelet noctilucent silicone bracelet in rubber mixing time add noctilucent powder mixed together, forming the same with ordinary silica gel hand ring, need to be in the evening to see the luminous effect.
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