A silicone rubber products factory in xiamen refuses to be punished sued the epa

by:Keyuan     2020-09-21
It is reported, a silicone rubber products factory in xiamen, because did not deal with the relevant environmental protection declaration formalities, also did not form a complete set of environmental protection measures, is fine the xiamen city environmental protection bureau, shall be ordered to make the silicone factory boss immediately stop production, stop the use of all production equipment, and fined 10000 yuan. According to the environmental protection bureau staff: the silicone rubber products manufacturer is illegal and harmful gas emissions of hydrogen sulfide, in yesterday's second instance trial, the factory boss also said that the production of silicone products is not in the catalogue of classified management of the construction project environmental impact assessment, environmental impact or don't need to declare supporting environmental protection measures. 'The punishment of the environmental protection bureau is merely law enforcement officers' about 'personal feeling to decide, no legal basis. ', xiamen municipal environmental protection bureau said that although there is no clear 'silica gel' in the 'directory', but the silicone rubber products factory production of silicone rubber products belong to the 'cross-industry, complex construction project', the environmental impact assessment classification shall be according to production of 'single rank highest project' to determine. The epa decided that it belongs to 'plastics industry', should declare 'environmental impact assessment', the company did not deal with the formalities that environmental protection, belong to the illegal production. Agent of xiamen city environmental protection bureau said that while law enforcement is not to test the discharge of gas, but environmental protection professional personnel to be present all smell the heavy rotten eggs, basic can determine is the silica gel production process of hydrogen sulfide gas. And in accordance with the regulations, 'the hydrogen sulfide gas as long as the discharge without processing the environmental protection facilities is illegal. 'Long-term inhaled agent also said that the human body the hydrogen sulfide gas, there will be a tarnished nausea, dizziness and other body systems. Court said: the epa punishment procedure legal xiamen then confirm, first recognized fact that think environmental protection bureau to make punishment and identified before, has carried on the investigation and inspection, to listen to the complaint, the punishment procedure legal and valid. Court said, the plant's production has pollution to the environment, should be to the environmental protection bureau approval before construction, and through the acceptance can be put into production, but the factory directly by environmental protection bureau found out waste gas emissions. Ye Jianchun thinks its production of silica gel products not in the catalog, does not need to declare. Court argues that although there is no 'silicone rubber products' in the directory, but the epa found out its production in addition to using silica gel, there are other possible negative effects on the environment of the project, should still be environmental reporting. In the end, then dismiss the appeal of the silicone rubber products factory in xiamen, is upheld. Xiamen silicone rubber products factory is the production of silicone rubber products, but for environmental protection facilities and environmental protection requirements, has been through the relevant departments to inspection standard, and can't discharge of rotten eggs smell the whole production process, production of silicone rubber products are exported to Europe and the United States and other developed countries.
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