A silicone mobile phone sets of nonconforming product is how to determine it

by:Keyuan     2020-09-30
Case the general quality of a material soft silicone material, good tensile, feel a little slippery, if the inside of the silicone mobile phone sets of high tensile material to add a little less words are easy to be broken, how to know its high tensile? Optimum light intensity by hand pull products, if products are turn white phenomenon of high tension is too little, if pulling on a little turn white or not white phenomenon is qualified products. Silicone mobile phone sets have good touch feeling, also part of the mobile phone blunt keys, after set on silica gel set will also be improved. It also can absorb some knock against on the impact of the mobile phone, to a certain extent, alleviate the harm of cell phone. This is to test whether a silicone mobile phone case is one of the standard of quality. So how to cleaning maintenance? Consumers should first put clean dry cloth soaked in water, and then sufficient water twist dry, air and water, a little while to rub phone cases in all clean again. If there is dirt on the bumpers, dust cleaning with a small toothbrush stick on some toothpaste, if is glued on the oily be soiled stick on some detergent to clean with a toothbrush. If the phone sets have glue on the strong stains such as viscosity, using swab stick on a little wind evenly daub on supplies, in use small brush to clean, so you can go to the stubborn stains. Finally everybody in with dry dishcloth following from dry, then blow the phone cases to dry or use feng shui dry can be set on the beloved cell phones.
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