A new type of coronavirus of organic silicone industry influence what!

by:Keyuan     2020-09-21
Even all manufacturing delay time to return to work as China's manufacturing shut down during this time, will cause no one knows what is expected losses, many small and medium-sized enterprises and individual enterprises across the country, no income, continuing losses. For small micro enterprise, this is another survival 'epidemic'. Surging global condition, new coronavirus stakes to the national people's helpless, so not only serious impact on the national economy, and also can appear paper shuffling in some industries, silica gel products industry is no exception, of course, in addition to less than medical materials can come in handy during wen qing row, other type of silica gel products is expected in the next few months are very few! And wen qing who also dare not guarantee during the blast of the next few months whether can control down, but the world all hope they escapement freely! Remember in 20 years on January 30, Shanghai medical expert group leader professor wen-hong zhang said that cannot bully obedient people, first-line positions in all party member! I take the lead! He analyzed the disease resistance of three kinds of end: 1, the best: 2 ~ 4 weeks of treatment, all patients 2 ~ 3 months after the outbreak under control; 2, the worst: control failure, virus worldwide; 3, stalemate: the number of cases within the scope of the controllable growth, resistance to disease process is very long, probably for up to six months to a year; That is to say, the worst outcome, is likely to happen. It made me wonder, infectious diseases happened so many times in human history, how did it end? Plague, cholera, smallpox, SARS and bird flu. 。 。 。 How bad is the result of the worst? Face is that in every disaster people care about most? Fame, money or health? So for the future industry development impact of organic silicone products manufacturer that raise those products and care those groceries! The health care industry will become a new trend! After the SARS outbreak, many industries in our country has exposed some problems, such as our defense consciousness is not strong, lack of medical protective equipment reserve, such problems as insufficient capacity suddenly exposed. After the outbreak of a lesson, I believe the future will be more focus on the health problem, protective consciousness will be more strong, this means that the future related to health and protection of the health care industry will usher in a stage of rapid development, to medical equipment, medical grade silicone products, the best can be environmentally friendly medical materials and so on
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