A good _ silicone rubber industry market

by:Keyuan     2020-12-04
With the rapid increase of silicone rubber products market demand at home and abroad, our country the supply of silicone rubber products industry has become the world's silicone rubber products center, also the silicone rubber products, silicone rubber, silicone rubber kitchenware gift of silicone rubber products such as consumer center, the following details about the market segmentation of the three areas. 1. First is electronic gift accessories, most of them are with peculiar modelling and is based on the design of individual words in the articles for daily use, the product positioning is mainly in white-collar workers and young fashionable gens. 2. Emotional consumption, consumption motives for valentine's day, birthday, or more to the life pursuit of delicate or was most impressed by the design of products, such products market prices in a few yuan to thousands of yuan, also belongs to the category of the young people consumption, these products can effectively alleviate the pressure of work and the environment to the person, whether or not the economic downturn, are not affected by a lot. So it has a large market share in China. 3. Finally is the silica gel for toys, animation industry driven by Disney, doraemon, crayon small new, transformers, warcraft led cartoon gift the player watches, such as Europe and the United States is a considerable part of the animation market share by developing cartoon peripheral products to create huge profits, the domestic animation industry development is slow, but some pleasant goat, qq image as the theme of the cartoon peripheral products also have a certain competitiveness in the same market, is a national key development of value-added industries in recent years, prospects for a silicone rubber products.
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