9 sensual aids gynecologists prescribe for better sex

by:Keyuan     2020-05-26
Scared by sex toys?
Think about it: some gynecologists think that the weirdness you say is essential. (
Peyton wilkert/stocksey)
When was the last time you talked to your gyno about lubricating oil?
Or ask which vibrator can help you reach your climax more easily?
If the answer is \"never\", you\'re not alone --
As a culture, we are only now used to using this sex --
Not to mention to our M. D.
As a result, most doctors do not open tools that are likely to save women\'s sex life, but limit them to daunting adult novelty stores.
But a small group of gynecologists wanted to change that.
Especially the women who never dared to walk into one of the stores.
\"For women in their 20 s and 30 s, the idea of buying a vibrator is not a big deal,\" said Dr.
Lauren Stryker, author of Sex Again: gynecologist, has finally solved the problem of ruining your sex life.
But for an older woman
He never thought about buying a bottle of lubricating oil.
Hearing her doctor talk about the tools may be the permission she needs to take the risk.
\"We want patients to realize it\'s medical --
This is something my doctor can help me with, \"she said.
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Lubricantcube is available in supermarkets all over the country, which means that smooth things are probably the least feared sexual aids for women.
In fact, in a 2014 study in the Journal of Sexual Medicine, in a nationally representative sample, 66% of women said they had used sex lubricants before, most often in order to make
But the problem is: \"Not all lubricants are equal,\" says Streicher.
Perhaps more importantly, not all women need the same oil.
Depending on the reason for drying, you may need different products. Try water-
Base lubricant for slight drying: Astroglide liquid, K-
Y Ultragel or Sliquid Naturals H20 is closely lubricated because they are water-
Based on this, these lubes are dry at a higher speed
This means they are only suitable for women who are slightly dry.
\"If you\'re a young woman with birth control, a little dry, or you\'re breastfeeding, water --
Based on the lubricant may be suitable for you, \"said the doctor.
Leah milheiser, assistant professor of obstetrics and gynecology at Stanford Medical School.
Or as Streicher says, \"Some people just need a little bit of an extra slip while K-
Y will be good for them. Although water
The price of the product is the lowest, they can have the cost: these tubes usually contain glycerin-
A sugar that yeast likes to eat.
To prevent the lubricating oil from sticking, Streicher said.
So if you\'re feeling down
Infection, looking for a special kind of glycerinfree water-
Unlike the list of chemicals found in many supermarket products, base lubricants such as Sliquid contain only five ingredients.
Another concern, Streicher says, is that propylene alcohol, which can cause irritation to some women. The good news? Water-
The base lubricant is compatible with condoms and silicone toys.
Try using silicone lubricant to deal with more serious drying: pjur Eros body, pink silicone lubricant, reply silk smooth lubricant or Wet Platinum advanced silicone lubricant is the most on the shelf whether it is menopause, cancer treatment or other diseases, make them ideal for women with more severe vaginal dryness, says Mill Heather.
They tend to be less stimulating and slippery than water --
Based on the product and lasts longer.
\"They are as safe as water --
But it\'s a little bit more moisturizing, \"she said.
Although you can use a latex condom, silicone Dew can damage your silicone sex toy, so if you are a couple who like to take risks, you may want to stick together with waterbased products.
Sex toys you can\'t find the best research to tell you which vibrator, which means you may have to do a small trial --and-error (fun! )
Find the right one for you.
\"The one I recommend will depend on whether someone is self-
This is exciting compared to a partner relationship . \" Said Streicher.
\"It depends to a large extent on the situation of people.
\"Here are a few reliable options to consider: Hitachi wand, a back massager and alternative use that women have found. (
Photos provided by the brand)
\"This is what we call the vibrator Cadillac,\" says Miller Heather \".
The wand was first introduced in the 1970 s and can be used to relieve back pain.
But it also found a niche, and as a \"intimate\" massager, it had such a powerful force that women often found that they needed to place a towel between the lady\'s parts and the equipment
\"After those Hitachi wands-
Who needs a bigger boost to reach its climax, \"milheiser told Yahoo Health.
Although it\'s a bit bulky and has to be plugged into the wall instead of running with a battery, \"Some women really like it,\" says Miller Heather . \".
\"It does have an impact on their overall sexual function.
This can improve itself. esteem.
\"The Jopen Intensity Kegel Trainer lets you work out there and have fun too! (
Photos provided by the brand)
You can do Kegel sports hundreds of times a day-
Or you can simply use this handy gadget.
Here\'s how it works: you inflate the toy\'s shaft to the thickness you want (up to 3 inches)
The ideal situation is comfortable and comfortable.
Then gel with an electrode (
It comes)and water-
Insert the lubricating oil into the vagina and let the vibration stimulate your PC muscles.
If you want to test the strength of the vibrator settings before inserting it, plug the strength into your elbow, an area similar to the soft tissue inside the vagina, the manufacturer said.
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\"This device actually allows women to enhance the pelvic floor muscles,\" says Millheiser . \".
\"When you strengthen your pelvic floor muscles, you have the potential to increase the intensity of your orgasm.
\"Training your pelvic floor can be a pleasant process: in an early test of the device, a woman admitted to having experienced one of the best O in her life --
Similar reports have continued. Even if the PC-
Muscle stimulation is not good for you, and other features of strength will ensure that your Kegel session is not fully effective and does not work: The device also has a clit and G-
\"So you can use it as a sex toy while doing your homework,\" says Millheiser . \".
A Clit atmosphere like Lelo Lyla 2 can be used to bring clit orgasm during sex. (
Courtesy of brand image)
Lelo Lyla 2 if you have never purchased vibe before, you may think that the basic false penis is the gold standard because they are most like the penis. “A well-
Streicher said: \"It means Guy may get something long and hard and shake a lot because he thinks it\'s what women want and the fact that they really need the clit stimulation
This is because only about 20 to 30% of women can reach orgasm by penetration, which makes the clit vibrator particularly convenient during sexual intercourse --
Streicher says you can plug one between you and your partner to provide the clit stimulation you desire.
The clit is also great for individual treatment, especially for older women with vaginal contractions or dryness, which makes penetration painful.
Note: Lelo Lyla 2 is a high
End option, but any bullet-
The shape of the device can do this (
You may just need to buy the battery instead of charging your toy).
The Vibratex Rabbit is a typical favorite ~
Including women and women
There are good reasons. (
Photos provided by the brand)
You do like the feeling of the waist and the movements of the clit, try the rabbit-
A classic toy with beads on the bottom of the shaft to stimulate your vaginal opening, vibrating head and ears to wake up your clit.
\"You will have the feeling of having something in your vagina and you may get some G-
\"The spots are stimulated together with the external pubic stimulation,\" Streicher said . \".
Miscellaneous product soul source vaginal dilator recently saw that a patient has been unable to have sex with her husband for two years --
But thanks to the expansion treatment, the couple finally recovered their previous intimacy.
\"She cried in my office,\" Streicher said . \".
\"Expansion therapy is absolutely necessary for some women.
\"The expansion agent has a variety of sizes and is masculine --shaped —
But they are not designed for entertainment: Streicher says that after sliding in one, you will put the dilator in the vagina for 5 to 15 minutes, focusing on relaxing the vaginal muscles.
You repeat the process every day and you can upgrade to a larger size once it becomes comfortable.
Who should use them?
Expansion agents are designed to treat painful sex, but if your discomfort is caused by dryness, you may only need a prescription for lubricating oil or vaginal estrogen.
However, if your \"vagina is shortened or smaller, whether it\'s due to muscle tightening, elastic tissue, surgery, or radiation,\" expansion therapy may be suitable for you.
A fairly common condition that an expanding person can treat is: the vagina, Streicher said: \"The muscles there basically contract to keep the penis . \".
There are several expansion companies in the market, but doctors have been recommending the expansion Company of Soul Source.
\"They are silicone, so they can be boiled out to sterilize, and you can put them in the fridge if you want them to be a little cooler,\" Miller Heather said . \".
In addition, \"they are softer than many hard plastic expansion agents on the outside.
Other good options include a pure romantic cone silicone vaginal dilator, a cold water cone, and a set of MIDEX vaginal diggers. Replens Long-
Long-lasting vaginal moisturizing doctors often prescribe vaginal estrogen cream to restore the moisturizing below, but the response is a non-hormonal, over-the-
Millheiser says counter-selection of drying.
\"The reply is the only real vaginal moisturizer, which means it\'s actually used for the vagina,\" Streicher said . \".
\"It\'s not a lubricant.
It contains ingredients that increase moisture in vaginal cells.
Lubricant does not change tissue
They just made it more slippery.
\"Please note: There are some brands that claim to be moisturizers --
A term that may be used to make women feel more comfortable when buying --
But if you check the ingredients, they are no different from the KY in the world.
\"The response is the only one that indicates through clinical trials that it will change the organization,\" she said . \".
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