5 popular iphone x cases under $15 each

by:Keyuan     2020-07-17
The IPhone X may be Apple\'s most beautiful and powerful smartphone, but it is also the most fragile iPhone ever.
In fact, it is probably the most vulnerable smartphone.
If the glass landing method is wrong, the front and rear glass will even break from the short drops, and the stainless steel is very easy to scratch.
There is no doubt that you need a case.
Of course, you \'ve just spent more than $1,000 on the iPhone X, and not everyone wants to come up with more cash on that basis.
In this article, you will find that all five different case options are popular, stylish and priced below $15.
VMTOP iPhone X CaseiPhone X case, vmtop pc tpe hybrid super
Thin perfect fit hard protective housing shock absorption. . . : $11.
99 CreativeApkep IPhone X Case for iPhone 10 with kickstand IPhone X case/Black (Ten)
Case with bracket and extreme heavy duty protection. . . : $9.
IPhone X: $11 99 Tasikar iPhone X CaseiPhone X Case Tasikar Good Grip perfectly fit the Case and carbon fiber black design.
Case for 88 SKEEPER liquid silicone iPhone X CaseiPhone X, SKEEPER liquid silicone rubber 5.
8 \"super-fiber cloth soft cushion shockproof. . . : $11.
64 Gruichi crystal clear iPhone X CaseiPhone X case, iPhone month, Gruichi crystal clear case, shock absorption technology TPU bump. : $ army.
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