5 g communication is coming, what are the application of organic silicone and the related layout!

by:Keyuan     2020-09-18
An introduction to organic silicon, organic silicon materials refers to the Si - C key and at least one compound of organic base connected to the silicon atoms, habits are also often think of what make through oxygen, sulfur, nitrogen and other organic base connected to the silicon atoms compounds as organic silicon compounds, with silica, among them the key ( - Si- O- Si- ) For skeleton of polysiloxane is largest in the organic silicone compound, used most widely research most, accounts for about 90% of the total in quantity. The current silicone products is various, varieties of more than put into more, mainly divides into silicone rubber products, silicone oil and secondary processing products, silicone resin and silane coupling agent four categories of organic silicone products. Because of its direct dosage is not big but very versatile, known as industrial monosodium glutamate, the development of science and technology of the catalyst. Second, organic silicon materials in communications, the application of organic silicon material has excellent high and low temperature resistance, electrical insulation, resistance to ozone, radiation resistant, resistant to moisture, vibration, compression resistance, good thermal conductivity, non-toxic, no corrosion and physiological inertia etc, widely used in the field of communications. Mobile phones, laptops and other terminal: seal protect sensitive circuit used for terminal equipment, as a binder fixed parts, such as mobile phone frame of bonding, chip seal, the processor's heat dissipation, etc. ; ( 1) Communication power supply, communication power supply parts of sealing and heat dissipation, dustproof, waterproof; ( 2) BBU: thermal conductivity silicone grease with silicon materials such as thermal conductive gasket used for chip heat dissipation and protection, etc. ; ( 3) RRU: thermal conductive silicone and silicon materials such as thermal conductive gasket used in base station power ( RF) Amplifier heat dissipation and protection; ( 4) Antenna: pouring sealant and apply the coating used in antenna lightning arrester, the protection of the tuner, conductive silicone electromagnetic interference resistance, heat dissipation, etc. ; ( 5) PCB: organic silicon coating as a protection circuit board thin layer materials, components of the sealing protection, moistureproof and dustproof. In general, organic silicon materials in communication can be used for heat dissipation, electromagnetic shielding, fixed, sealing protection. 3, 5 g organic silicon material layout communications equipment without organic silicon material, and 5 g of high frequency transmission makes communication equipment in the cooling with high speed and shielding requirements higher, so for organic silicon material has a higher request. After several companies layout 5 g organic silicon material. ( 1) Dow layout are mainly in the field of 5 g type conductive silicone adhesive, a new flexible silicone conductive adhesive DOWSIL ( TaoXi) EC - 6601 silicone conductive adhesive, enough to have stability in a wide range of electromagnetic vibration frequency electromagnetic shielding ability, and maintain a stable performance and electrical conductivity. TaoXi TC - 3015 organic silicon thermal conductive gel chipset efficient heat dissipation can be realized. ( 2) Evonik is a leading global specialty chemicals company, in 5 g layout are mainly in the field of special plastic, foam plastics, organic silicon and other materials. ( 3) Blue light in the hospital with shenzhen branch innovation source of strategic cooperation agreement, to carry out the strategic layout of 5 g related materials and reserve, integrate resources, accelerating modified engineering plastics, silicone rubber, high/low dielectric modified epoxy resin adhesives polymer materials products in the field of electronic communications and other related large-scale application, the layout of each intelligent terminal 5 g era must materials and components, building 5 g communication new material industrial chain competitive advantage. ( 4) Henkel as a leader in electronic materials, adhesives/emc in the age of 5 g of communication equipment, smart phones, and new energy vehicles, and other fields have a layout, including 5 g chip cooling with half a sintering chip bonding glue, communications equipment with high thermal conductive gasket, chip level (electromagnetic interference EMI) Shielding solutions, mobile phone camera module bonding protection materials, at the bottom of the car camera and vehicle-mounted radar filled material and so on. ( 5) Silicon treasure in 5 g silicon material has excellent performance of electronic seal, thermal conductivity, a series of silica gel products such as potting and apply. At present its organic silicon sealing material products have been applied to the terminal. Materials industry also marks a new era, 5 g on application of mobile phones, base stations, Internet of things, such as automobile hardware carrier will be more about 5 g new material demand and higher requirements
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