4 d printing, traditional custom silicone products will cease to exist?

by:Keyuan     2020-09-28
Vaguely remember Ma Yunzeng said a words, small model of a class of entities in the future industry will be replaced by 3 d printing even higher technology and small structure processing will be replaced completely, now this thing estimates that there are some warning, for now the hot of 3 d printing is not completely finish has ushered in the 4 d printing, and in the face of science and technology nowadays many processing substantive products we really will be replaced? At present Hong Kong developed beyond 3 d printing technology and breakthrough progress, successfully developed the world's first 4 d printing ceramic products, print out the finished product in the shape of complex at the same time, also to maintain a high mechanical strength, it will be for the application of 3 d printing to turn a new page. The so-called '4 d print', is to make the traditional 3 - D printing, combined with additional fourth dimensional elements - — The technology of the time. By 3 d printing to print out after the precursor, it will be over time, in the external stimulus, such as mechanical force, temperature or under the action of magnetic field, remodeled into unique shapes. In this study, the team used, is the precursor in the elastic energy stored in the stretching process. When after stretching ceramic precursor was printed, they will reshape myself. After heat treatment, precursor is forming for ceramics. Currently occupy the main part of the 3 d printing, rubber and plastic industry is given priority to with silica gel products industry is a popular industry, choose 3 d printing completely replace the traditional processing custom? With the current trend in the future 3 d printing technology is very likely to get, but in the present technology for many processes and products or have a certain lack of accuracy and results and inefficiency. Many 3 d printing products is mainly aimed at the structure of the samples and confirm that a lot of silicone products in using 3 d printing technology can not meet the requirements, the main problem is the material product rough burrs is bulky, and with the actual drawing has a certain error, and the printing time is slow, inefficient, and choose 3 d proofing silicone want to achieve with the silica gel products factory mold processing structure has been still needs certain technology and breakthrough, is unable to transcend traditional processing!
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