3 mm silicone seal processing considerations below!

by:Keyuan     2020-09-27
In essence the silicone sealing ring can be said to be the best in the silicone industry processing of a product, no matter from the mold process or product and the mold repairing frontier defense goods aspects, but too small for any craft or older fire an event, hand hold! What's more, with his eyes looking at down side, so for small silicone seal when processing or has the certain difficulty, but in general many silicone products manufacturer can from several aspects to control and smooth shipment, so for small silicone seal processing under the premise of need to pay attention to what issues? 1, the product of the mould is one of the most key, such as two millimeters in diameter of the silicone sealing ring size is small, it need to be on the die steel using high-quality steel, save the mold core not eccentric appear size error, the process of mold opening, coarse and fine milling cutter is more important, followed by CNC knife and tour edge must be accurate to 0. 01 mm, otherwise the knife repairing loss combined with the machine loss is likely to lead to the product since the down side is bad, bad product out of the mold die! 2, rubber also have certain influence to the quality of the products, the main reason is because the product is too small, ordinary plastic toughness may be short of, strong toughness and high tensile plastic, will have strong tensile strength in the process of processing so the edges are more likely to split apart, won't appear the phenomenon such as burr. 3, in the process of processing time and temperature control, time and temperature to the machine management, low temperature curing time is too short product will be a soft material and hardness of the same product lead to deformation won't rebound, the temperature is too high for too long, the quality of the product is too fragile, tear strength is easy to be short of break phenomenon. 4, product is too small, sealing side is too slow or unstable, it is need in the mold above will do fine since the demolition, the demolition compared to using a machine to adjust to the size of the corresponding edge, automatic open side for checking. Above matters needing attention for the machining of the 3 mm below the silica gel seal, comprehensive for the silicone seal or other small silicone rubber products will inevitably be in the processing and the constant product is too small, too much burrs phenomenon that the first thought should be from the mold, above on the production process from control to solve the problem. Xiamen silicone products manufacturer - Silica gel products co. , LTD. ( )
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