2018, organic silicone products industry who have larger?

by:Keyuan     2020-09-28
In 2018 as an organic silicon industry people would say it's difficult for a year, adversity, business is bad to do a year in particular, organic silica gel as the downstream products of silicone manufacturers in all think so! Environmental disturbance, a then a industry affected by economic, raw materials increase floating and so on all kinds of factors caused trouble even breathtaking downstream industry. But if the industry is not enough good, so the market demand is very considerable, since the silica gel is bad to do, so in the whole industry chain in 2018 who is the big winner? Got the news a while ago, xinan shares issued half year in earnings this year, zhejiang xinan chemical industrial group co. , LTD. , is expected in the first half of 2018 female net 7 implementation. 1 - 7. 300 million yuan, add 237% year-on-year 246%; Buckle the net profit of 7. 0 - 7. 200 million, year-on-year increase of 415% to 430%, compared with last year increased by 43. 7%, fast development of organic silicon in China, at the same time, a hierarchical companies dominate the market, our country has become a global manufacturing consumer, organic silicon monomer in the production accounted for more than 51% of the world. With stable overseas in recent years, monomer effective capacity scale, backward production capacity gradually withdraw from, now China's organic silicon industry gradually on track, capacity is concentrated in a hierarchical, in addition to the xin, embellish, transfar, luxi chemical industry and so on domestic upstream enterprise now has become China's organic silicon monomer, intermediates in the core, the main production compared with the foreign company their is more, concentration was high, the bargaining power is strong, as a result, price fluctuation has a price without the city, and so on phenomenon, make domestic organic silicon self-reliance gradually, combined with China's market share is bigger, become the big beneficiaries was destined to be expected. Demand, now silicone products industry products in the industry gradually covered with our country is in a developing country, still more substantial demand for organic silicone products, national scientific research and technology development investment, the construction of the demand is bigger, electronic appliances and machinery manufacturing gradually from the silicone environmental protection equipment, rubber transferred to demand recovery of various organic silicon demand gradually expand, organic silicon demand in our country for the coming years will gradually covered with global market!
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