2018 organic silicone industry events year-end inventory

by:Keyuan     2020-09-29
Gradually stepped into an end in 2018. Review this year, organic silicon industry is ups and downs, big events and then together, both big mergers and acquisitions and listed company, there is also a major new construction and expansion of projects, let a person feel more exciting; Waved goodbye in 2018 times, we look back on the silicon industry over the past year, and see what are the big things. Organic material prices plunged 2018 years, organic silicone products for last year's price rise, the dow, wacker, letter, Wallace figure, and other organic silicon foreign giants have rise in price, domestic companies were established with inflation, stacking multiple factors, such as limit production, maintenance, environmental protection silicone surge across more than June DMC offer more than 35000 yuan/ton. In July, however, organic silicon downstream demand weak, DMC prices began to fall, into decline after November is heavy, some enterprises DMC offer is below 19000 yuan/ton, the year of the lowest price. Downstream silicone manufacturer product prices also status. 2018 can be said to be the organic silicon prices fall, thrilling and exciting year. Is everyone in organic silicon impressive for a year. Organic silicon major construction and expansion project in 2018, but the years of organic silicon industry capacity expansion. Said that this year the organic silicon industry is the expansion of a great leap forward, never! Wallace figure will be South Korea KCC buying American Wallace figure high-tech materials group will be composed of South Korea KCC, Wonik, SJL capital group acquisition. If regulatory approvals, and other items are all goes well, the deal is expected to be completed in the first half of 2019. As old silicone silicone companies and the world giants, Wallace figure was acquired, nature is one of the major events in the industry. Foreign silicone enterprises accelerate layout in China in 2018, foreign silicone giant speed up operations in China layout: evonik xinan joint venture with innovation, win to build 8000 tons of the gas phase silica projects; Wallace figure signing the technical cooperation memorandum with xinan, extend 2 methyl chlorosilane, hydrogen, double head, method of continuous polymerization route products, etc. ; In zhangjiagang, the expansion of the organic silicon research and development laboratory, for testing facilities; Dow in jiangsu zhangjiagang city to build a new special resin factory; The letter also to expand the production scale in China. China's organic silicon market too fire, contested by domestic enterprises, foreign enterprises will not wrong too much for a piece of opportunity. Dow corning formally incorporated into the dow replaced by brand TaoXi on February 6, 2018, TaoXi TaoShiHe dupont the new brand? ( DOWSIL吗? ) Official opening in the Chinese market, as synonymous with organic silicon 'dow corning' formally incorporated into the tao's, this brand is also gradually withdraw from the market. Association of fluorine and silicon 30th anniversary of the 2018 is the 30 anniversary of the founding of China association of fluorine and silicone material industry. Association of fluorine and silicon by the national organic fluorine industry association and the national organic silicon industry federation was established in January 1988, merger, more than 30 years to the development of fluorine silicone industry in China has played a significant role in promoting. On May 30, fluorine and silicon association's 30th anniversary convention was held in Beijing international conference center. Sino-us trade dispute in 2018, the two countries in trade tariffs in the leg, the two sides each other tariffs. The increase of import and export tariffs to chemical products import and export, including organic silicon bring certain influence. In early December, the two heads of state meeting agreed, stop imposing new tariffs. Sinochem group and China chemical industry started in 2018 by the end of June, China chemical group chairman jian-xin ren, retired, sinochem group chairman NingGaoNing chemical party secretary, chairman of China, marked the merger between the two groups formally on the agenda. On December 12th the news that the two preparations of company management has completed the transaction. Two group, will change the pattern of China's chemical industry. China national chemical and sinochem group after the merger, China's chemical industry group, the main organic silicon business of blue star group will have a more robust financial and strategic. High according to the forecast SAGSI, monomer production innovation in China in 2018, our country independent output will reach 2. 45 million tons, about 15% higher than in 2017, a record high. First listed Chinese companies Mr Ken in Norway in 2018 on March 21, overseas companies bluestar belong to Mr Company successfully completed ipos, listed on the Oslo stock exchange formally, became the first Chinese companies listed in Norway. At the same time, he will also become the second to the German wacker silicon industry globalization of listed companies, exports in the domestic. The above events in the inventory, there is a single event, there are series of classified events, these events to the development of organic silicon products industry in China have a profound effect on all. So, on to event, do you think is the most 'big' event?
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