2018. Environmental protection storm continued, silica gel products again turning back?

by:Keyuan     2020-09-27
Between two years from 2015 to 17 years, our country has two years in implementing environmental supervision, the environmental protection bureau to the 31 provinces in China for two years in the different levels of a case of the February punishment, to improve of rectification of different industry, two years for heavy industrial emission pollution, air pollution is severe punishment, including organic silicon chemical manufacturing occupy one of them, in the past year due to the upstream downstream of the normal operation of silica gel products industry, environmental impact and in 18 years and will be in this happen again? In the past year time of mixing rubber raw material rising, in 17 years pass through low prices will be continued under the influence of environmental incidents in 18 years and has a price no city news could repeat again, the same message by related department learned that China's national environmental protection bureau to strict supervision practice of industrial pollution, the implementation of the regulation regional environmental protection, sewage treatment, air pollution, etc in 2018, for the silicone products manufacturer may also is a constant battle, main reasons or for the amount is larger, synthetic rubber for raw material supply, there are affected by the environmental protection on mixing rubber silicone to start the supply, so 18 years of silicone rubber products industry will face a variety of problems, I don't know if you ready? Raw material rises in price is most obvious, the silica gel products burrs scrap prices continue to rise, previously estimated in March will be a new round of price increases, with the national environmental policy mixing glue supply don't beg, organic silicon downstream cannot function properly! Raw materials for an increase in the price of silica gel supplier, the customer loss is inevitable, all kinds of commonly used with product affected by the environmental protection continues to rise in price is not available, and so on, on the other hand to 18 years in important environmental supervision work focus in the rectification of walking to look back, the lack of focus on improvement and perfect, so the enterprise need to pay attention to by spot investigations before! For the next step the central environmental protection supervision work, the ministry said a preliminary consideration in 2018 for the first round of the rectification of supervising 'look back', focus on problems, compaction responsibility; Key tasks to be completed, at the same time around the pollution prevention against atmospheric pollution in the key areas, key cities for the black smelly water pollution, as well as the influence of the mass production and living highlight environmental issues, special supervision organization to carry out the motor type, point type, provide strong power to lay a pollution control to be completed. In addition, there will be on the first round of the environmental supervision situation, sum up experience, find the shortage, further improve the supervision mechanism, to prepare for the follow-up supervision. Promoting environmental protection supervision laws and regulations system construction, and further perfect the work mechanism of supervision, environmental protection supervision into the legalization and standardization will be orbit; Actively guide local provincial environmental protection supervision system, to achieve national overseers provinces, province cities and counties of the central and provincial levels supervision system and mechanism, linkage effect supervision into full play.
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