2017 - The silicone raw materials continue to rise, the downstream impact big silicone products industry

by:Keyuan     2020-09-26
Many factories in our country has entered the busy at present, silicone rubber products industry is no exception, in the busy February unconsciously and raw materials has gone up a layer, it also makes a lot of silicone products manufacturer to feel lost, still hope to come down, today in today can make a good harvest, only has quite a few bosses will hover close to the cliff edge, recently a colleague boss in our company to visit, when it comes to raw materials, he is not, at any time, after all, no operation how long their company founded 13 years till now very ordinary income, have no better, and last year's increase in the price of raw materials, combined with price rises again, now has the whole industry into disrepute. Remember in a few years ago is not a problem on the raw materials, basic silicone products factory at that time concerns are often technical and order problems, from 14 to now 30 yuan! Recently, ordinary glue from twenty yuan rose 20%, to 25 yuan. Glue from 25 to 30 yuan. Medical glue from 35 to 38, the intermittent rise do not know whether can have die one day, so the rubber continuous growth, have to let the silicone products manufacturer to heel, to ensure that the product defective rate and put an end to the waste of raw materials, so can only be appropriate ease do guarantee on quality. Organic silicon industry have been developing rapidly since the 18th century, production and sales of a year compared with a year growth, so that silicone rubber products for the market demand is still considerable, but it all depends on a variety of reasons for price, the reports said that last year in March 2017 DMC prices will continue to rise 20000 yuan/ton, so all kinds of cost price will rise up the price of organic silicon industry center, nature also affects the silicone products manufacturer for the product price increases, so for the new and old customers, also hope you can understand the raw material on the correlation question, for all kinds of products and mould quotation and so on can achieve accurate quotation! Xiamen silicone products factory - Silica gel products co. , LTD. ( )
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