2017. Silica gel products industry which event happened?

by:Keyuan     2020-09-27
In 2017 will become the history, this year in China, all over the world, in various fields is of great significance have taken place in many things. Silicone products, silicone industry, this year is a spectacular year, extraordinary year, unforgettable year, a lot has happened to the present, had a huge impact on the future of the entire industry event! Waved goodbye in 2017, we in the Angle of 360 degrees look back at the past 360 days, and all inventory of organic silicone industry over the past year ten big thing ( In no particular order) ! 1, organic silicon large price increases in 2017, organic silicon products prices, especially from July, organic silicon prices soared, wacker, dow corning and other companies issued price letter, DMC, 107 glue, silicone oil and so on all rise in price! And after the situation gradually into the decline of the 'low season', back up! Price is 2017 silicone market's largest label, therefore leading to the downstream organic silicone products manufacturer comes difficult failures, industrial product price floating gap is too big, so many people say 17 years of silicone industry in tough problems, go for more! 2, Ken, BSI, the spark of organic silicon business since 2015 in integrating bluestar silicone international co. , LTD. ( BSI) After joining bluestar Mr Company, on June 28, 2017, the spark of organic silicon and silicon in lanzhou has officially joined the company. The original Mr Ken's organic silicon business - French bluestar silicone is renamed as Mr Ken organic silicon, and Mr Ken into the management system. 3, TaoShiHe dupont merged, launch new brand - TaoXi on August 31, 2017, the dow chemical company and dupont formally completed a merger of equals, set up 'dow dupont? ”( DowDuPont) , both sides each hold a 50% stake, the combined market value of over $150 billion, replace basf as the world's largest chemical companies. Then, a new brand of dow - - TaoXi ( DOWSIL吗? ) , the original dow corning brand products will be gradually transferred to the next year TaoXi brand product line, product sales in the future will be in charge of by dow chemical. 4, international silicon chemistry conference held in China for the first time in 53 years on August 7, 2017, silicon chemistry field - one of the most authoritative international conference - The 18th international congress on silicon chemistry and the 6th Asian silicide learn meeting in jinan, shandong, this is the first time in 53 years international organic silicon technology exchange meeting held in China, from Germany, Japan, the United States, Canada, France, Russia, Britain and so on more than 10 countries more than 600 experts and scholars, frontline staff to participate in, ever! 5, organic silicon listed companies continue to February 13, 2017, yangzhou morning new materials listed on the shenzhen stock exchange gem; On October 25, guangzhou set Thai shares on small and medium-sized board listed; On October 29, hesheng silicon industry class A shares listed on the Shanghai stock exchange. November 26, ningbo embellish grain listed on the shenzhen stock exchange success! 6, organic silicon industry expansion has welcomed tide in 2017, new factory put into production or multiple organic silicon enterprises announced the expansion of production capacity: Cabot and Inner Mongolia hengye into the wuhai joint venture in China to build 8000 tons of the gas phase silica factories; Yichang collect rich silicon materials planning and expanded production capacity of 20000 tons/year; Hesheng monomer production base in southwest increases production capacity from 100000 tons to 180000 tons, and in the new 200000 tons; Dongyue expansion of 400000 tons; Xinan group launched 300000 tons/year of organic silicon monomer chloride resources comprehensive utilization project; Wacker chemical announced the expansion of the organic silicon production capacity in China; Zhejiang embellish grain start 2. 50000 tons of organic silicon new material expansion projects; Fujian deer long yearly produces 100000 tons of organic silicone sealant project formally put into production. 7, the export of Chinese polysiloxane surge in 1-2017 In October, the primary shape of polysiloxane net exports of 7. 60000 tons, the year-on-year rise as high as 261. 9%, with the number of exports to South Korea, the United States and India accounts for about 41% of the total exports. 8, environmental protection storm swept across the country in 2017, a nationwide environmental protection supervision and local wave upon wave of environmental protection, safety inspection, production, limit production, fines, seized constantly upgraded form of environmental protection measures, such as more transport vehicle restrictions for stop. A large number of silicon enterprises were shut down or rectification within a time limit, and thus become one of the important reasons for the organic silicon prices. 9, organic silicon enterprises frequent safety accidents on September 7, 2017, Tennessee in the United States production base material leakage and explosion accidents occurred; On October 18, believe the group Asia organic silicon monomer in Thailand factory fire; On November 5, foshan Gao Mingyuan high poly plastic chemical co. , LTD. In the old equipment dismantled an explosion accident, one killed and three wounded. 10, the whole industry positive action against the D4 was placed on the priority control list in October, the ministry will eight methyl siloxane (four D4) Listed in the priority list, as with persistence, cumulative and toxic chemicals. Once included in and form the resolution, have a big impact on organic silicon application field. All colleagues of the organic silicon industry efforts against the D4 is alternative control chemicals list.
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