2017, a dramatic increase in organic silicon chemical upstream profit, giant profits by more than 130%

by:Keyuan     2020-09-28
Yesterday, according to the silicone products manufacturer small make up understanding, hesheng silicon industry released 2017 annual report, the report shows that in 2017, hesheng silicon industry business income is 695003. 760000 yuan, year-on-year growth of 51. 90%. To belong to shareholders of listed companies net profit of more than 1. 5 billion, has increased over 130% compared to the same! Announcement, according to the company's operating income and net profit, on the one hand, benefited from the boom of industry, the downstream chemical products and organic silicone product sales prices; Luzhou hesheng and put into production on the other hand, organic silicon products production and sales increase, drive the sales revenue growth. Full-year results in line with expectations, in the fourth quarter revenue and profit growth, improve the profitability. Keep the 2017 fourth quarter income growing, quarterly earnings at 5. The best level in 500 million, a record, margins to 43. 44, fee to maintain stability, net assets yield continued to rise. Company full-year results show higher trend gradually, mainly comes from the company capacity gradually release and product prices continue to rise. During the reporting period, the company's profits in good condition, mainly is the market demand overall recovery, the company main products are industrial silicon, organic silicon sales prices rose, appeared sharply rising prices of raw materials, but significantly lower than the increase product sales price, make the net profit attributable to shareholders of listed companies during the reporting period year-on-year growth; Additional luzhou hesheng and put into production, organic silicon products production and sales increase, drive the company income and profit increase. 2018 can continue to grow the company plans to implement main business income is not lower than 9 billion yuan in 2018, we think that this goal is relatively conservative, main task this year is 400000 tons of industrial grade silicon project and annual output of 7. 50000 tons of carbon graphite electrode project progress as planned to complete the trial production and achieve comprehensive reaches producing, power plant project implementation of commissioning, industrial silicon production capacity of 75 - making company 800000 tons level, to become the world's largest manufacturer of industrial grade silicon. As luzhou and is rich in organic silicon field gradually reaches producing, 35 - organic silicon monomer production capacity is expected to achieve 400000 tons level. In 2018, is the company's capacity of explosive growth for a year, output can realize double basic.
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