2016 the national environmental protection silicone rubber products conference held in Qingdao

by:Keyuan     2020-09-24
Rubber and plastic industry in our country on July 3, in security market of green environmental protection conference held in Qingdao, green environmental protection enterprise conference benchmarking of a few years ago this year conference once again to the masses, to choose the basic knowledge of the silicone rubber products and on the security sense, let us constantly silicone products to promote more market, Chinese association for industrial rubber and plastic to make the meeting emphasized that 'now silicone rubber market from the point of the past decade, by the vast number of consumers agree, also obtained the high speed development, the quality constantly have more breakthroughs and innovation, has become our life, in the future during' 135 ', step up efforts to innovation, low carbon, green, safe a few aspects. According to the small make up understanding, silicone products manufacturer in the past more than ten years of tire rubber industry in China has nearly 11 years in a row above became the first country global sales, in the aspect of silicone rubber products, all kinds of solid silicone rubber products become the main power supply of the world, in the building, war industry, automobile, life, electronics and so on have been very good applications. So get the attention of the global consumer, rubber industry are beginning to realize that security importance of glue, and take the initiative to choose the safety of the silicone products to reduce carbon dioxide emissions, let we live in a greener environment. Silicone products is now fully spread onto the market, our country many of the silicone rubber and plastic industry products factory in the production process of in different production of different products to maintain market innovation, has strict requirements on product of green environmental protection, monitoring the disadvantage of silicone rubber products into the market, in recent years to many basic through ISO9001 certified manufacturer, the product mostly do the FDA, ROHS, REACH and so on various certification testing, to ensure that the product of green environmental protection, safety. Xiamen silicone products manufacturer - Silica gel products co. , LTD. ( )
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