19 years in the first half of the organic silicone product analysis and prediction of upstream and downstream market!

by:Keyuan     2020-09-30
In the first half of 2019, China's organic silicon monomer construction of whole enterprise remain high, market supply adequate, appear a certain inventory accumulation. Compared with the prices plunged in 2018, in 2019 China's organic silicone products price fluctuations narrow contraction, relative to the rational, but under the influence of shrinking exports and demand off-season, all kinds of chemical new material prices have been low. Because in the first half of the development of China's macroeconomic trend stability of into, the downstream consumption areas have their own characteristics, the overall positive, is expected in the second half of China's overall macro environment are still optimistic, silicone material downstream market demand will be improved, organic silicon prices expected to fluctuated in a steady state. Monomer enterprises starts high supply ability is strong in the first half of 2019, China's organic silicon monomer production of about 118. 40000 tons, the average capacity utilization was 86%, in addition to Jin Ling in shandong and zhejiang zhongtian device in five, June has long time parking overhaul, the remaining monomer enterprises starts at eighty percent above, the market supply of goods supply ability is strong. In the second half, hesheng, 200000 tons of organic silicon monomer project is expected to be completed and put into operation, the domestic market supply will be further enhanced. 2018 - In June 2019, China's organic silicon monomer production price volatility narrow low compared with the price fluctuations in 2018, the first half of 2019 China's organic silicon prices tend to be more rational, or narrow, low all the time. Since November 2018, organic silicone products prices have been in the downturn, while in the traditional small peak season, 2019-2 Usher in a wave of organic silicon products prices in April, from mid-february 18200 yuan/ton rose to 21400 yuan/ton, up 3200 yuan/ton, but relative to the same period last year, prices have big shrink. In the first half of 2019, average decline reached 37% and 39% on D4 or DMC, raw rubber and rubber 107 compared to the average fell 37% and 38%, mixed gum and dimethyl silicone oil fell 21% and 37% respectively compared to the same. 2018 - In June 2019 China DMC price charts 1-2019 June in China organic silicon products price year-on-year change affected by the tariffs imposed on exports cut in August 2018, the United States on China's primary shape of polysiloxane ( 3910). Tariff increases to 25%. Export data can be found from the customs, since August 2018, domestic polysiloxane exports shrink in primary form. 1-2019 In may, China's primary shape polysiloxane ( Converting) The exports of nine. 90000 tons, year-on-year decline in 10. 8%; 1-2019 In may, China's primary shape polysiloxane ( Converting) Imports of 5. 70000 tons, compared with the same period last year, essentially flat. In January 2018 - In May 2019, the primary shape of siloxane ( Converting) Exports in January 2018 - number of movements In May 2019, the primary shape of siloxane ( Converting) Smooth movements of import quantity macro environment overall downstream field have increase with decreases in the first half of 2019 China's GDP rose 6. 3%. Economy continued to maintain in a reasonable range, the continuation of the overall smooth and steady into the situation. Organic silicon main application fields include building, textile, automobile, etc. , in the first half of 2019 the consumption growth have increased. The real estate market overall trend rebound, 1 - May China's housing construction area of 797. 84 million square meters, new growth 10. 5%; Textile exports was slightly down, 1 - In may, the export of Chinese textile clothing for 995. 8. 9 billion dollars, fell by 2. 88%; Automobile industry is still weak, 1-2019 In may, China's auto production and sales of 1023. 700000 and 1026. 590000 cars, fell 13. 01% and 12. 95%. China's new energy automobile production finished 47. 980000 and 46. 450000 units, up 46% year-on-year and 41. 51%. In January 2017 - In May 2019 in January 2017 in new Chinese construction site area - In May 2019 China's textile and garment exports in January 2017 - In May 2019, China's auto production in the second half of the market forecast in the second half of 2019, because of the trade relationship between China and the United States is not optimistic and the federal reserve to cut interest rates expected superposition, the global economic environment more complex. Downstream consumption policies to boost demand in China, the macro policy and market expectations positive last year, compared to the market confidence. In the second half of the organic silicon products influence still exists, tariffs imposed on foreign market growth space is limited, and as hesheng monomer capacity, domestic organic silicon market supply remains high. In product prices under the pressure of high cost, low monomer enterprises may drop negative production appropriately, but with the arrival of the peak season of consumption, environment will improve market demand, the contradiction between supply and demand of organic silicon will get some relief, is expected to double factors of good bad, China's organic silicon market presents fluctuated in steady state.
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